And Now There are All Kinds of Possibilities

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Listened to the show Saturday and it was not bad. I was just coming out of one of those three-day mind-bending illnesses where you lie down on Thursday afternoon because you just can’t stand up anymore you’re so sick and you come to and it’s Saturday and there are Eskimo pie wrappers piled up next to your head and your feet are still up on a pillow and all the blood is in your upper body and you can’t tell where you end and the universe begins, but you’re relaxed because you’ve literally slept for days and whatever it was that threatened your life has left the building and now there are all kinds of possibilities.
Taking time to gather yourself is a requirement if you wish to go on living well. Sleep is a big one, and let’s not dismiss its power. Of course, once you’ve gotten enough sleep, though, the cycle begins again. You wind yourself up into yet another frenzy: hurry up and get the taxes done, pick up and drop off the kids, don’t forget the salt for the softener, we’re almost out of propane, somebody called about a donation, where’s the remote, who tracked mud all over the kitchen, why didn’t anyone mention we’re out of milk? And on and on until you’re wound up tight and ready to snap.
If you don’t get sick, something else is bound to happen. Take a little moment; without it, we each might fall apart or dissolve or walk off into the forest. Lucky for us, there are singing telegrams and hot air balloon rides, riding lawn mowers and air horns. You can buy flour in bulk to bake up a storm, take a walk in the February moonlight, dance with your children before they grow up, get some of those paints and go crazy in the tub. Something for everyone in a world that keeps on spinning ’round and ’round. You get enough moments, you have a decent life. Sure you do.
Garlic Roasted Pork
This recipe works for me on a day when I’d rather be out and about. Throw it in the crock pot on your way out the door, and — Voila! — dinner is served upon your return. Whip up some garlic smashed potatoes and blueberry muffins on the side.
1 boneless pork loin roast
2 cloves garlic
2 medium onions
2 bay leaves
1 clove
1 cup hot water
2 T soy
Salt and pepper
Trim excess fat from roast and brown nicely over medium heat in whatever pan you prefer. Peel and thickly slice garlic cloves. Press the tip of a knife here and there into the pork and slide in a slice of garlic. Do this in proportion to how much you like garlic, with 2 cloves as the minimum. Place roast in crock pot along with a cup of water and the bay leaves, clove and soy sauce. Cover with sliced onion; add salt and pepper. Let cook in crock pot on high for an hour and on low after that. A good 4-5 hours ought to do it, depending on the size of the roast.