Fresh out of cough drops

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Listened to the show Saturday and it was not bad. I missed a good part of it, unfortunately, because the kids were each in his or her own stage of the flu and erupting accordingly. I found myself monitoring a steady flow of mucus, vomit, orange juice and tears, and only one of them came from my body.
If you’ve ever cared for sick children, you know what it means to feel ragged. To push it to the edge. Throw in a husband with a cough and your own sore throat and you’ve got the recipe for One Long Week. You can’t remember if you dreamed a thing or if it happened, and it’s all you can do to keep up with the laundry. Once you hit the pillow late in the night, a part of you stays awake, listening for even breathing, listening for the cough and retch, aware of every sigh and rustle and wheeze.
The one good thing about sick kids is the day they feel better. They sit up and rub their eyes and say, “I think I can go to school today.” Part of you hollers, Whoo Hoo! But what you say out loud is, “Are you sure? Let me check your temp. Let’s see how you feel after breakfast.” You don’t want to be too hopeful, but the hope is there. A good night’s sleep is on its way. Chatter is bound to return, and arguing, and the battle for the shower in the morning. You start thinking about who might need a ride after school, and what to cook up for dinner and soon the chaos of the ordinary day is back in full swing.
For now, though, the nights are a bit long, and we’re fresh out of cough drops. I’m off to re-load. Honey lemon is the current favorite, and more juice and Vitamin C tablets are on my list. I’m thinking I may splurge on some ice cream. Butter Brickle. Feels good on the throat, and why not? It’s not every day that everyone in the house is sick. Thank goodness for that.
It’s not every day that I’m hungry for potato salad, but it is certainly a welcome treat. Here’s a variation on the old standard, and perfect for this chilly time of year.
Twice Baked Potato Salad
5 lb. bag red potatoes
1 lb. maple flavored bacon (fried)
1/2 bag shredded cheddar cheese
heaping serving spoon of mayonnaise
Ranch dressing to desired consistency
Wash and cut potatoes into bite-sized cubes and boil soft. Drain and put in large bowl to mix the rest of the ingredients. Fry bacon, cool, and cut into small pieces. After potatoes and bacon have cooled, add the shredded cheese, mayonnaise, and Ranch dressing. Stir until coated.
Serve chilled, or warm in a casserole dish.