One Free Day

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Listened to the show Saturday and it was not bad. I was thinking for a while there that spring was here, and it is, since Sunday, officially Spring. But today it’s snowing and there’s no school and the kids are basking in the joy of One Free Day.
So what to do? How to spend it? My inclination is to stay put: read, do laundry, play games, bake, watch a movie, take a long hot shower, catch up on things, weed out too-small clothes from the kids’ drawers and closet, get things done. What I have to do, since Mr. Sundberg is in Tampa giving a talk titled, “Eight Steps to Happiness: Living an Authentic Life,” is shovel. There are only a few inches of snow out there, but it’s still coming down, and it’s wet and heavy and everywhere.
The big consolation today is that this snow won’t stay–no snow does, in these parts–and after the snow is moved, and the kids and I spend some time, I can visit my new Facebook page, a virtual home away from home, it seems. I never have been one to keep up with the latest thing, but the kids talked me into it and I’m certainly not averse to giving it a whirl. After all, you’ll find the words, “Most Likely to Try New Things” under my photo in the yearbook. It’s not “Most Likely to Succeed” or “Best Personality,” but along with the “Wooden Spoon” award, it suits me just fine. Sure does.
If you’re like me, you’ll find a mazillion ways to serve these biscuits. Cook up a savory sausage gravy, heat up sliced strawberries and sugar for a sweet sauce, sprinkle with cheese and serve with chicken, or simply spread with butter and a little bit of honey.
Whippin’ Cream Biscuits
2 cups self-rising flour
1 cup whipping cream
Combine flour and cream in a mixing bowl, just until blended.
The dough will be a bit stiff. Transfer to a lightly floured surface and knead
a bit. Roll to about half an inch thick and cut with a 2 inch cutter. Place biscuits
close together on a lightly greased sheet. Bake 10 minutes at 450. Makes a dozen biscuits.