Here’s to spring, yours and mine

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Listened to the show Saturday and it was not bad. Made beef stroganoff for dinner that evening, a double batch because one isn’t quite enough, and left over beef stroganoff is a treat in itself. Certainly. Almost as good as left over wild rice soup or buttermilk pancake batter. And pizza. Oh, gosh.
You’d think with spring around the corner we’d all be eating salad and fruit, but, frankly, I’m still in comfort mode. It did snow yesterday morning, after all, and there are still piles of it around town. Winter may be over, but spring isn’t quite here, so we’re all a bit uncertain. What do we do? I tried picking up the yard a bit this morning, but the ground is still frozen and you can pull on a stuck rock only so long before you feel a bit silly with your butt up in the air and your face all red and gasping.
Patience, then. A good week for cleaning out the hall closet and airing out the house. For one last crock pot filled up with stew, for a few handwritten letters. We’re turning a slow corner, and patience is the thing. Impatience makes a person look a bit foolish, and why waste your emotional energy? You’re going to need it once summer’s heat rolls in. I hear it’s going to be a humdinger. Here’s to spring, yours and mine, and to the green of grass and to bird songs, early as all get out these past few mornings.
One of my favorite dining out desserts is fried ice cream. What I don’t know is whether it’s actually fried; what I do know is that it’s delicious. So I tried making my own. Unfried. And it ain’t half bad.
Mrs. Sundberg’s Fried Ice Cream
Vanilla ice cream, frozen
Your favorite granola (with cinnamon works best)
Cool Whip
Break or crush granola so there are no large chunks. Place in medium sized bowl. Shape ice cream into balls about the size of tangerines or billiard balls, and press into granola, rotating and pressing until the ice cream is completely covered with granola. Place two of the ice cream balls in a bowl, drizzle honey over, and top with whipped cream and a sprinkle of cinnamon.
A variety of cereals may work in place of the granola.