One Entire Day, a Snow Day

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Listened to the show Saturday, and it was not bad. They were broadcasting from Duluth, near where our daughter now lives, on the same night she attended a “zombie prom” after which, dressed as a zombie, she took a walk with her friends along the waterfront, hoping to bump into Mr. Keillor or someone from the show, just to say they did. No luck, but most often the adventure is in the possibility.
Very much like my feelings about the imminent snowstorm. News reports have been flashing for the past few days about a storm of considerable size and fury making its way from the Pacific toward the Midwest. The snowflakes have been falling on and off all day, and it’s as if everyone in town is holding his and her breath. It’s a wonderful thought, the possibility of an enormous amount of snow piling up in the next 24 hours. The possibility of waking up in the middle of the night to see thick clumps falling in the glow of the streetlights, and again in the morning, waking to the silence of deep snow everywhere, and news reports that school has been cancelled, and the possibility of One Entire Day, a Snow Day. A day free to stay in, and read books and watch movies and bake and nap on the floor in front of the fire.
Tomorrow will come, and with it an ordinary day, with the big storm having been nothing more than a passing snowfall, and school may commence as usual, and the bag of salt by the garage door may, very well, remain unopened. It could be another False Alarm.
Doesn’t matter. For now, there’s this possible thing hovering dark and beautiful on the horizon, and we’ll go with it. We’ll wait for the real heavy stuff to start up. We may even stay up late. Whatever happens, we’ll have a thrill, and a great meal of pasta and meatballs and bread, and a sweet evening of “wouldn’t it be nice if’s” and “I think it’s getting heavier” and we’ll fall asleep remembering our childhoods when the drifts were over our heads and we couldn’t get out so we made tunnels and we survived on pancakes and sausage and warm chocolate chip cookies. With a candle lit in case the power went out, and a pile of quilts ready for the wrapping. Oh, those snowy days.
It’s National Pancake Day today, but really, it could be pancake day every day for those of us who live among dairy farms. If you do your research, pancakes were created out of a need to use milk and eggs before they went bad. Good thing. Life without pancakes? Perish the thought.
Flapjacks Supreme
4 eggs
2 t sugar
2 cups buttermilk
2 T melted butter
2 t baking powder
1/2 t salt
2 cups flour
Separate eggs into two medium-sized bowls, whites in one, yolks in the other. Beat whites until stiff; set aside. Beat yolks. Add buttermilk and melted butter. Combine flour, sugar, salt and baking powder; add to buttermilk mixture. Blend well. Fold in whites.