How blessed can a woman be?

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Listened to the show Saturday and it was not bad. I was busy sorting through the recipes in my old wooden recipe box, tossing some, moving others to the front of their section. Been working on a project which, for some odd reason, kicked into high gear last week when I had a stretch of days without much going on. So I went to work, and lo and behold, printed, this morning, a beautiful draft of a cook book. Not to say that it was easy; it’s really a project nearly a decade in the making, and somehow I’ve managed to pull it together. Had to do with need and impulse working together to fill a space.
Kind of like how a friendship is formed. You find yourself wandering around the planet feeling like something’s not quite right, or missing, and you bump into someone who has something to share, and who wants what you have to share, and you share it.
Sometimes it’s a kind of even thing where you talk or meet now and then and think of each other when you’re apart, and sometimes it ends up being enough just to meet and you part and go on. And then there’s the glorious sometimes when you keep each other without having to think about it and become witnesses to each other’s lives.
It’s good to pause now and then and take stock of what you have and how it came to you. I got each of my recipes from someone I love, and that’s pretty big, and I think putting ’em all in a book is a fine way to say I’m grateful — for the recipe and for the meeting, and for the witnessing. Good food and good friends, and a project to work on. How blessed can a woman be?
Here’s one I haven’t shared, a fine old recipe from my paternal grandmother’s kitchen, something simple and full up with comfort.
Grandma’s Potato Pancakes
4 large potatoes, grated
2-3 eggs
1 cup milk
1 tsp salt
1 T baking powder
Mix together. Add flour until batter is the thickness of paste.
Drop blobs onto butter in frying pan. Cook til light brown, flip, press pancake down gently.
Fry until side two is light brown and slightly crispy.
Serve with butter, sour cream, lingonberries, sauerkraut, just about anything.