Just ask a question or two

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Listened to the show Saturday and it was not bad. It’s been a windy week, and gray, and I can’t believe how many leaves have fallen and how many have yet to fall. There’s a gold glow coming in the living room window from the birch leaves, and a red-orange glow in the kitchen from the maple, and the wind makes me want to find my red shoes and wear them out onto the deck and who knows where a big gust might carry me?
Not that I want to get out of Dodge, by any means. No, it’s not like I want to leave this place, but I’ve always had this thing about flying, and always entertain thoughts about what would happen IF? I think it drives Mr. Sundberg to the edge sometimes. He’s not an inhabitant of the Realm of Supposition. He prefers reality. I remember one of the kids once asked him if he’d rather move to Saudi Arabia or poop in public for a year and he about blew a gasket. The fact that it came third in a series of similar questions while he was trying to read the paper is probably a good part of why he’d about had it.
He’s pretty patient with me, though. I share with him, often, things like, “Wouldn’t it be wonderful to wake up, tomorrow, on a big boat on the sea, no land in sight, just us and a huge bowl of popcorn and two fishing poles?” or “Would you rather have the ability to travel through time once or predict the future?” There are ways for us to know each other better without working too hard. Just ask a question or two.
Thanks to the kids, we all know Mr. Sundberg would rather be a dairy farmer than work on an oil rig, he’d rather climb Mt. Everest than canoe the Amazon, and he won’t ever be a resident of Saudia Arabia. And thanks to my own curiosity, I understand I won’t be deep-sea fishing with Mr. Sundberg in our future together, but chances are good for hiking in the Alps. He’d rather give up milkshakes than be a vegetarian, and he won’t be taking line-dancing lessons. Ever. And that’s okay by me. If he’s willing to talk Alp-hike, I’m happy. And maybe he’ll finally wear those Lederhosen his Aunt Bev gave him just before she, herself, actually did leave this earth on a windy day in October.
I love peanut butter AND chocolate. This recipe is simple, and travels well, and makes a fine gift if you package it right, and will disappear in minutes once the kids get their hands on it. Seriously.
Peanut Butter Pebbles
1 cup creamy peanut butter
1 stick butter
1 12 oz. bag semi-sweet chocolate chips
Melt together in microwave.
Pour a 12 oz box Crispix cereal in large bowl.
Pour chocolate mixture over and turn gently with a large spatula.
Pour 1 cup pwd sugar over and turn gently some more.
Empty contents of bowl into a large plastic bag (I double-bag 2 13-gallon kitchen garbage bags)
Add 2 more cups pwd sugar to bag, twist ends shut and shake, using the other hand to separate/help coat cereal as you shake.
Empty into a large bowl after shaking for a few minutes.