Consider Patience

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Listened to the show Saturday and it was not bad. I was in the kitchen where I usually am on Saturdays, cooking some pasta for salad and contemplating sunshine and doing a few stretches. The kids and I signed up for a yoga class this summer, only once a week, a core strength yoga class, and I have to say I have discovered a muscle or two I had not realized existed. To admit I’m sore from yoga feels a little embarrassing, but it’s true. I am sore. I got a bit carried away with some of the poses. Warriors especially. And I think I established a variation on the downward-facing-dog pose that may be worthy of a photograph, enlarged and framed. Or not.
I signed up for the class mainly to do something with the kids, and to find another way of calming myself. Truth is, I have a touch of anxiety now and then, mostly a morning event, a genetic thing, I’m guessing, as I see it in members of my family, and the kids, too. Anxiety is not a fun thing. It feels like gravity has become tentative for a while, and at any given moment you might go floating off into the cosmos. You’re not sure what to be sure of, and there’s a sense of needing to hold onto something awhile. It can, on occasion, go haywire. I’ve had only one or two bona fide panic attacks in my life, and I’d rather not again, thank you. Trying to catch one’s breath and even oneself out sounds simple, but can be a frightening thing when you throw panic in there. I know people who have panic attacks pretty frequently, and it’s not something to make a joke about.
Somewhere I read about how patience is a good antidote for anxiety. Makes sense to me, since impatience can get a person all worked up. I chose “patience” as a word one year in place of a resolution, and I learned it. I really did. I’m patient as all getout now, and can wait in line for an hour without losing much of anything but time, and time is never lost if you make some use of it, so I look at people and read through recipes at the checkout and think about the next thing, and it’s fine. But a yoga class can’t hurt, except to make a person a bit sore, and the good thing about pain is that it’s a message you’re alive, and you can feel, and it helps you want to stay that way.
If you’re feeling anxious, then, my thought is to consider patience, with the world and your work and your family and yourself. Even if it means using your time for something other than the most efficient thing. Because, ultimately, patience may lengthen your life, and that, my friends, would be a blessing to us all. And remember, along with all those beautiful warrior and thunderbolt and hero and mountain poses, there is the child and the lotus, and the bridge. And the corpse pose, too, which feels more like a floating angel, but that’s beside the point.
Now is the time of year when the best thing for lunch has less to do with beef and more to do with berries. Here’s a light, lovely salad ring of berries and cream, and I’m guessing it’ll be a favorite before too long.
Raspberry Dessert
You’ll need a ring mold for this recipe.
Bottom filling:
8 oz cream cheese, softened
8 oz Cool Whip
1 c sugar
Blend and pour into mold.
Next layer:
2 10 oz pkg frozen raspberries
2 3 oz pkg raspberry Jell-O
2 cups hot water
Dissolve Jell-O in water and add to frozen berries. The cold berries will start to jell right away. When it sets a bit, pour over top of cream mixture, and refrigerate. Unmold over lettuce. Serve with Cool Whip as topping.