Everyone Makes a Mess Now and Then

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Listened to the show Saturday and it was not bad. I’d finally given in, and spent most of the show in the chair near the window, sipping iced tea and thinking about what is and what is not important. I’d made a mess, you see, and gave more hours to it that afternoon than I’d care to admit. While doing laundry, I’d somehow missed a pocket, and somehow washed in a load of popular clothing a small tube of lanolin. And dried it, too, in a dryer set on high heat.

It was a Mess. If you know anything about lanolin, which I didn’t but do now, it’s a stain in the foreverest sense of the word. It’s made of a waxy substance secreted by wool-bearing mammals. Seriously. And you need very specific cleaners to get it out, and time — neither of which I have lately. Plus, the mess I made was not in one place; the oil was everywhere, scattered, on jeans and t-shirts and boxer shorts. My gosh.

I tried what I had, and ran out for some other things to try, and nothing worked. So disappointing.  I’d destroyed my son’s favorite jeans, my daughter’s favorite shirt(s), and a towel I happen to like quite a lot. I finally sat down and took a deep breath. I didn’t cry. Instead, I thought about all the messes I’ve made. Ever. Pouring candle wax down the sink when I was young, drying clothes with a frog in the dryer (rest in peace, frog), the gallon of milk I dropped on the kitchen floor (chocolate), the bottle of mercurochrome I spilled on the carpet, the pile of plates I dropped.

Everyone makes a big ol’ Mess now and then. Everyone.   And, truth be told, though at the time it can be a real kicker of a stressor, a Mess is just that. And the biggest issue is having to clean it up. It’s not the Mess that’s important; it’s that you clean it up. And let it go. If you do it right, you’ve got a good story, and something to compare things to, and laugh about, next time you’re cleaning up another big old’ Mess. It’s true. I can laugh about the frog smell in the  sheets, even. And that was a humdinger.

Here’s something light and delightful for an evening dinner with friends. Make some rice to go along, and something with lemon for dessert.

Hoisin Pork Wraps

2 small cucumbers, thinly sliced
½ tsp sugar
¼ tsp salt
1½ lb thin boneless pork loin chops
1 T toasted sesame oil
3 green onions
8 tortillas
1 small jar hoisin sauce

Toss cucumbers, sugar, and ¼ teaspoon salt in medium bowl; set aside.
Heat skillet to medium high.  Rub pork chops with toasted sesame oil; sprinkle with salt and pepper. Cook pork 3 to 4 minutes each side or until cooked through.
Slice onions thinly at an angle, and set aside. Wrap tortillas in damp paper towels and microwave a minute or two until warm and soft.

Drain cucumbers and thinly slice pork. Place pork in tortillas; top with cucumbers and green onions. Drizzle each with a teaspoon or two of hoisin sauce.

Serve with hoisin sauce on the side.