Share Your Life

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Listened to the show Saturday and it was not bad. It’s been a heck of a week, people, and I’ve been on a roll. Seriously. Gifts bought, and plan to wrap ‘em in short order. Ten pounds of cookie dough waiting to be pressed or rolled and baked and frosted. A few cards and cookbooks mailed, house clean, kids picked up and home and already out with friends, cupboards full, tree up and almost all decorated, all of that. And every day in the next ten is full up with things on the calendar. Not a complaint, mind you. Just fasten your sleighbelts.

I like keeping busy and always have. There’s a hum in it, a rhythm, and something that keeps me moving forward. Almost as if the more I get done, the more I want to do. I’m not a workaholic, for sure, but it feels pretty dang meaningful to have purpose in a day. When I visited Texas a while back, I met a waiter named Omar Elomar, a friendly man who worked so hard to make everything just right at that little restaurant on the Riverwalk in San Antonio. I asked him about his life, and he said he enjoyed his work, but hoped one day to go to school to study psychology so he might help people one day. He had such a friendly spirit, and what I don’t think he realized was that he was already helping people.

He helped me. Just by talking with me. Taking the time to converse a bit, and listening to what I said, and sharing his thoughts and stories. And laughter. Oh, gosh how he laughed, that hearty kind of laugh when you throw your head back, mouth open wide and eyes shining, and maybe even hold your belly. And when at last he brought the check, after all that seafood and those oysters and that bread and Key Lime pie, I thanked him and he thanked me and it wasn’t about the check or the meal; it was pure gratitude for the fine gift of conversation.

Which I might suggest, dear ones, this holiday season. Stop what you’re doing now and then and take some time to talk with the people you love, and the people you like, and a stranger or two. Life isn’t on a screen; you’re in it. Make a call or two between now and Christmas, and settle in for an hour of laughter, and listening. Share your life. Never know what might come of it. Your life can change in a day, you know. Sure can.

Here’s a spicy sweet appetizer for your next event. I promise you’ll be hunted down for the recipe, so bring a few copies. And bring some crackers, too. They’ll eat it with their fingers once they try it out, but crackers seem a bit more civilized.

Hot Pepper Jam and Pecan Dip

1 cup shredded cheddar cheese
1 cup chopped pecans
1 cup chopped green onion
¼ cup mayo or ½ cup softened cream cheese (if you prefer a formed ball or torta)
¼ c. to ½ c. Prairie Gypsies’ Red Hot Lover Pepper Jam (or your favorite hot pepper jelly)

Combine cheese, pecans, green onion, mayo or cream cheese. At this point this mixture can be frozen for later use. Chill for a few hours and place on pretty plate and spoon jam over the top of the dip just before serving. Makes about 2½ cups, and tastes great with crackers.