Me, Myself and I

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Went to the show Saturday, and it was not bad. Yep. I went. Just me and myself. It was a last-minute thing, and I just had it in me to see it all one last time. And, frankly, it seemed alright to go alone as I have so often listened to the show alone, and I did, and it was a fine time — me and a lot of good people all singing along and clapping and laughing a whole lot. If I could change a thing about it all, of course I’d have had Mr. S there with me (he is off in Raleigh, North Carolina, doing a talk called “Down and Out in the Dead of Winter,” something about fighting the blues) because — though I don’t mind alone time — I have to say some things can be better shared. 


Getting Things Going

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Listened to the show Saturday and it was not bad. Had the house to myself once again for the weekend, and that’s a fine thing. Mr. S and I had had an early Valentine Dinner late last week at a rather fancy place where there were seared scallops, which I love and just can’t bring myself to buy unless they’re really on sale or at a restaurant for a special occasion, and asparagus and some kind of amazing whipped sweet potatoes with rosemary and a bit of cheese. It’s been a while since we splurged, and why not, and he had a New York Strip and we toasted love in the world, and shared some crème brulee and a slice of chocolate layer cake that pretty much sent me into orbit.


How We Love

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Listened to the show Saturday and it was not bad. Mr. S was home at last, and we were having a fine time just sitting there in the kitchen eating pizza and talking and trying to sing along with Mr. Paul Simon’s new song “Wristband” without knowing the words, and laughing a whole lot. Then Mr. S went off to watch his Show, the one that begins precisely at 8 pm, and I proceeded to make a very fine batch of caramels. It’s like that when you have been with someone for a good while. You can do all the things that make you who you are and it’s all fine and good and sometimes the other person will join in, and sometimes they will go do their thing, but you’re still together, in ways, and it feels mighty good.



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Listened to the show Saturday and it was not bad. Was cleaning up the kitchen after having a few friends over for an afternoon of conversation and snacks and something to do. There were seven of us, four women and three men, and Mr. Sundberg dialed in for a quick speakerphone “hello” from Ohio where he’s giving a talk titled, “Procrastination:  To Do or Not to Do.”