Everyone Needs Adventure

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Listened to the show Saturday and it was not bad. Not bad at all. The whole day, in fact, was pretty dang good. Started out with Mr. S making buckwheat pancakes for breakfast, with side pork and grapefruit with raspberries and coffee. I wondered whether he’d totaled the car or broken something or forgotten to pick up my flower seed order on Friday and was kind of making up for it, but the seeds were right there on the counter and the car looked fine and Mr. S was playing a Johnny Cash album while he cooked.

After breakfast we headed out for a drive to see how high the river was and pick up a peach pie at the country store and visit the bookstore so we both might have a new book to read. Mr. S likes to take books along on his trips, and he urged me to choose a couple, and I did, and we ended up in Hastings, MN, at a fine little bakery where we shared a Bismarck and each had coffee, and then we did a bit of hiking up near those fine bluffs. It was on the way home, just as the show came on, when I noticed Mr. S smiling like all getout. He’d been smiling all day, and this was a bit much, and I told him if he didn’t spill the beans, I was going to spill ‘em for him, and he laughed out loud.

Well. The big secret was that he’d managed to get a ticket for me to see the show in New York City, along with two nights to myself in a hotel within walking distance of Town Hall. And Times Square. This month. April 9, in fact; one week from his spilling the beans. He has a speaking engagement in Boston that weekend, and figured we’d fly out together, and that’s what we did, and here I am, forty five floors above the streets and the Irish pubs and the deli with the pizza I can’t get enough of and the beautiful mess of people all making their way somewhere and the lovely man named Terrance who helped me get my bearings when I went around one too many times in the revolving door.

Let me tell you something. Everyone needs adventure. Lucky for me, I get my share, mostly because I seek it out, and partly because Mr. S knows me pretty well and likes to surprise me now and then. Everyone needs some alone time, too, and not just sitting at home. And let me tell you, having an adventure on your own is not only pretty dang refreshing, but a source of real perspective and good ol’ time reminding yourself who you are. And I, my friends, have been reminded by myself that I’m a fan of New York style pepperoni pizza, a lover of city lights, a big fan of high winds, and a harborer of the deep conviction that most people are good at heart, and judging by the people I’ve met in the last day or so in New York City, they are.

So there’s a challenge for you. Get out there and have an adventure, all on your own. And if you just did so, then make such a thing happen for someone else. Offer to dog-sit, pay for a plane ticket or a night at a hotel or an hour at a spa. Offer up lawn care, house-sitting, or a week at your family cabin. Offer something. Make a space for someone else to breathe a while. It is, after all, only one life you get, and why not spend some of it making someone else’s a bit more fun. Eh?

Perfect for between-seasons, this soup takes about ten minutes to throw together and will cook all day. That way you can head to the park for a few hours and come home and take a nap and then eat soup and bread ‘til the cows come home or the pigs roll in, whichever comes first.

Crock Pot Potato Soup

1 30 oz bag frozen diced hash browns
32 oz chicken broth (the box works great)
1 10 oz can cream of chicken soup
1 8 oz pkg cream cheese
6-8 strips fried bacon, crumbled
1 cup shredded cheddar cheese
Salt and pepper to taste

Put the potatoes in the crockpot, and add the chicken broth, cream of chicken soup and half of the bacon crumbles. Add a pinch of salt and pepper.

Cook on low for 8 hours or until potatoes are tender. An hour before serving, cut the cream cheese into small cubes. Place the cubes in the crock pot. Mix a few times throughout the hour before serving. Once the cream cheese is completely mixed in, it’s ready to serve.
Top with cheddar cheese and some additional bacon crumbles.

Makes about 16 servings.